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As many local businesses' traditional way of operations have been affected because of the pandemic, ways that businesses have to keep customer engagement and activity must change as well.

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Health and Customer Protection Protocols Checklist

Social Distancing Measures
  • Limit maximum guest occupancy limits to 25-50% in lobby and reception areas
  • Limited use of common dining area (e.g. group orders delivered to site, designated seating areas)
  • Passenger caps on hotel shuttles, shut-down of shared car services
  • Space out check-in / check-out queues for with floor markers (every 6ft); adopt virtual waiting / queue / where guests can wait for their turn to visit the hotel desk
Sanitization Measures
  • Regular disinfection of high-touch surface areas (e.g., door handle, light switch, elevator buttons, checkout stands, pin pads, etc.) and common touch points; Limit open hours to allow for additional cleaning and disinfecting overnight
  • Place hand sanitizers in high touch locations; enhanced sanitization of lobby and shared spaces
Limitations against exposure to individuals
  • Contactless check-in/-out (ID and credit cards shown/swiped without handing off
  • Ensure customers are wearing masks to enter; Remote temperature check for customers as they enter; Refrain from visiting hotel if they are ill
  • Require guests to provide proof of travel history (e.g., for past 30 days)
  • No self-serve options at buffets (packaged food or meal boxes only; room service only, delivered outside)
  • Opt-out by default for nightly turndown service
    • Remove high-touch objects (clocks, pen, pads) from rooms
    • Courtesy gloves, wipes, hand sanitizer, and masks are available in the room
Protections Against Material Contamination
  • Enhanced hygiene protocols for delivery areas, managing food, and laundry facilities
  • Consider 2-step inventory models:
    • Designated space for warehousing new inbound inventory, quarantined for 24 hours
    • Move inventory after 24 hours into "safe for use" warehousing space for use by facility