Our Story

Small Business Strong is a state-wide initiative in Massachusetts, comprised of numerous organizations from various industries working together to provide free business resources to minority and women-owned small businesses that have been affected by the COVID-crisis. 19.


We understand that for small business owners, making decisions that determine the future of their business and its livelihood is a challenging and confusing endeavor. We firmly believe that getting the information and tools you need to be successful should be easier than ever.


It is for this reason that we have compiled an online database with a wealth of information on financing, access to federal and state loans and grants, digital transformation for your business, and much more. In addition to free access to these resources, we have built a team of functional specialists and business advisers with experience in all areas of business and finance so that you can receive personalized advice, all at no cost to you.


You are not alone. We consider your mission to serve your community to be of tremendous value, therefore we are committed to supporting small business owners now and in the future. Together we are Strong Small Businesses.

Our history

Small Business Strong was born in the spring of 2020 when members of public and private communities saw the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Massachusetts. More than 17 organizations made up of more than 100 individuals quickly came together with a common mission: to stand together to really support small businesses that urgently need resources - especially those most affected: women and minority businesses . Like your peers, friends and supporters, we will passionately provide the experience you need not just because it's the right thing to do, but because it's part of the moral framework of who we are in #Boston and across the Commonwealth. We believe in the entrepreneurial spirit of #Massachusetts and we know that we can ignite business progress when we work together. There will be no going back, let's just move forward in this new world together and we want to make sure your business is a fundamental part of it.

Meet Our Steering Committee

  • Zamawa Arenas, Founder and CEO, Flowetik
  • Paul Ayoub, Partner, Nutter and Chairman, Boston Chamber of Commerce
  • Miceal Chamberlain, Massachusetts President, Bank of America
  • Roxann Cooke, Regional Director Consumer Banking & WM JP Morgan, N.A.
  • Roger Crandall, Chairman, President and CEO, MassMutual
  • Dr. Karilyn Crockett, Research & Program Consultant, Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce
  • John Fish, CEO, Suffolk Construction Company
  • David Foss, Managing Partner, Northeast PwC
  • Yvonne Garcia, Chief of Staff to CEO and Global Head of Internal Communications, State Street
  • Paul Grogan, President and CEO, The Boston Foundation
  • Mike Kennealy, Secretary of Housing and Economic Development
  • Malia Lazu, Chief Experience and Culture Officer, Berkshire Bank
  • Glynn Lloyd, Executive Director, Foundation for Business Equity
  • Ron O'Hanley, Chairman and CEO, State Street
  • Bob Rivers, Chairman and CEO, Eastern Bank
  • Jim Rooney, President and CEO, Boston Chamber of Commerce
  • Eric Rosengren, President and CEO, Federal Reserve of Boston
  • Greg Shell, Managing Director, Bain Capital Double Impact
  • Navjot Singh, Managing Partner, Boston, McKinsey
  • Micho Spring, Chair, Global Corporate Practice and President, New England, Weber Shandwick
  • Alberto Vasallo, III, President and CEO, El Mundo
  • Orlando Watkins, Vice President for Programs, The Boston Foundation

We are working together

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Success Stories

Donald Donnalson Headshot - Small Business Strong

"I am in the construction field and at times it is very hard to find likeminded individuals you can talk to and can help you. My Business Advisor is helping me find ways to grow my business by working with me to find new concepts from the Entrepreneur Operating systems methodology. It has been a great experience and I look forward to continuing to learn more from my advisor." - D.D. | Construction Industry

Veronica Robles Headshot - Small Business Strong

"Small Business Strong has really helped me figure out how to manage the PPP process and how to use my funds most effectively. The crisis really impacted my business as all of my performances and sessions are in person. My Business Advisor really helped me rethink how I can still provide my services to the community by thinking of different tools and ways to reach my community. Now more than ever, our youth need us and it is very important for me that I can still have access to them. Thank you Small Business Strong." - V.R. | Entertainment Industry

Evelyn Brito Headshot - Small Business Strong

"The Business Advisor and Finance Expert helped me organize my books and work on projections to help me through this crisis. I do not know what I would have done without their help." - E.B. | Entertainment Industry

Consult an advisor

If the help you need is not available on our online portal, click on 'Consult an Advisor', fill out the form and an Advisor will contact the support you need