Resources regarding finance management, including information on taxes, accounting, fee waivers and relief for SMBs.

By Emily Myers

  • Best strategy is keeping it polite, trying to go month by month, and leveraging track record.
  • Know your rights. While this will vary state-by-state, it’s important to know what a tenant can and can’t do with regard to kicking you out/not renewing your lease.
  • Leverage your track record. If you have always paid your rent on time, your landlord will be more likely to accept a lower payment.
  • Tweak the lease terms. It’s possible you can get some credit or reduction based on amenities being disrupted.
  • Keep it polite. Be transparent about your situation. You want to approach the landlord is a way that they can see where you are coming from.

Tax and Accounting

Deadline to file and pay federal income taxes extended to July 15, 2020

Guidance from US House of Reps on what debt relief CARES Act can provide

Deadline to file and pay state income taxes extended to July 15, 2020

Fee Waivers & Relief

Some banks, credit-card issuers, and payment processors have announced disaster-relief initiatives and programs.

Financial education tools & resources. Provides links to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, MyFinancialLife, Financial Education Center by Everfi, free virtual workshops, guidance against scams, and unemployment support.

Resources from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, including information about the Paycheck Protection Program.

Compiled resources and access to a dedicated team (via to help answer any questions for SCORE Boston clients. Aside from helpful links, SCORE itself has a Coronavirus Business Resource Hub with funding options from SCORE partners as well as a series of Boston Webinars focusing on dealing with the impact of COVID-19.

Corporate Programs
Chase - Fees / Interest Relief Program

Relief from fees and interest due to hardship related to COVID-19 on a case by case basis. Call the number on the back of your card and ask to speak with an account representative. 

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American Express - AMEX Working Capital and Lowered Interest Rates

Lowered interest rates to impacted card holders on a case by case basis (see AMEX Financial Hardship Relief program). AMEX is also offering business card holders access to funds for vendor payments between $500 and $150,000 (see AMEX Working Capital).

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Square and SkillShare - Our Latest Update About the PPP

Refunding all software subscription fees for the month of March for existing sellers who currently use Square Appointments, Retail, Restaurants, Loyalty, Team Management, Payroll, Marketing, and Square Online Store. Curbside pickup and delivery fees are waived for the next three months.

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PandaDoc - Prioritizing People Over Profit: The New Free eSign Plan

Free document automation software and payment processing for small and medium-sized businesses to help businesses keep running while they switch to remote working.

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Divvy - How Financial Institutions Are Supporting Small Businesses

Click here for a list of banks and what they are offering to small businesses that have been negatively impacted by COVID-19.